Brody Ritz

Brody has combined his most profound experiences and placed them all into a 6-Day Self Mastery Retreat for you. 

SoulFlyT is a retreat where we combine the Sacred Plant Medicine Ayahuasca with equally important tools such as meditation, yoga and breathwork.


Your integration is a high priority of this Self Mastery Retreat. You will have daily classes available, as well as a full day dedicated to integrating and celebrating your experience


Although we provide you with multiple outlets for post-integration, our goal is to send you home with the skills required to navigate life experiences on your own.

He is extremely grateful to have such a  beautiful family to come together and share this life-changing experience with you.

Deanna Kiebke

Compassionate and Loving

Deanna is a safe space holder for you to connect deeper into the energetic realm and thrives on helping you release your inner child and align into your natural flow of manifestation. 

Offering a family dynamic and collaborative co-parenting strategies, for modern-day parents looking to mend indifferences and contain family peace through inner healing and alignment.

Our daily meditation, yoga practices, journaling and breathwork combined with sacred rituals and plant medicines create the foundation for true self-purpose, passion and enlightenment.

We look forward to sharing, connecting, healing and celebrating life with you.

Marie -Lou and Anke

 Leading plant medicine ceremonies for more than 15 years.  They have experienced over 300 ceremonies guided by highly experienced indigenous shaman while connecting with numerous master plants deep in the Peruvian Jungle.

Their teachers are most honoured masters such as, Kestenbetsa and Juan Flores Salazar, visionary Marko Evoré, Dr. R. G. Hamer, life coach Tony Robbins, energy healer Michael Barnett, and other mentors who focus on improving all aspects of life.

The unique approach they have co-created is uniting ancient and modern consciousness-raising techniques. Through their presence, they inspire you to fully step into your own strength and sovereignty.


the Healer

Having a remarkable psychic gift since birth, Joanna is one of the most talented  Intuitives and Mediums on the planet today –– in terms of her accuracy, skills, knowledge and speed — she has been commonly compared to some very well known psychics and mediums today.

But what makes Joanna wildly different from all the rest is that she brings to the table a lifetime of powerful healing experiences, too — both personally and professionally — which delivers not only profound ACCURACY but profound RESULTS.

Joanna has a deep understanding of how the Universe works, and how dreams are created. So like a human X-Ray Machine, she instantly (and compassionately) sees right to the root of your biggest obstacles and challenges — and with laser-like accuracy, helps you remove those hidden blocks preventing you from reaching your greatest goals.

Her life’s mission: to champion people from all walks of life to move past limitations – and step boldly back into their natural birthright of joy, success, love, creativity and POWER!

Joanna works mostly with dedicated Spiritual Seekers from all around the world — delivering profound insights, spiritual truths, specific guidance and channelled messages that dramatically transform people’s lives… from the inside, out.

So whether you’re a top CEO, celebrity, entrepreneur, healer, single mom or young professional — anyone eager to feel more empowered, successful, excited or transformed will experience something truly life-changing during your time with Joanna.

For more information about Joanna follow the link below!

Candice Marie-Fox

Being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 was an awakening gift for Candice as it leadher down the plant medicine path.  Having healed herself naturally, she has been deepening her connection with a variety of plant medicines for almost 10 years now, helping to facilitate the healing and awakening journey for thousands of souls thus far.  Candice has been a student of Taita Juanito who is from a 5000-year-old Colombian lineage of shamans, for almost 3 years now and is continuing to strengthen her skills as a healer!


Candice is a #1 International best selling author on Amazon and has travelled the globe as a travel writer experiencing and working at some of the worlds leading health retreats which lead to her seeing a need for a more heart-centred authentic experience and so she embarked on running her own medicine retreats in Peru and is now planting roots in Costa Rica!