Pre-Ceremony Diet

  Shaman from the Amazon say that by eating certain types of food and avoiding others, we begin the process of cleansing, which enables our bodies to become far more sensitive to working with the plant spirits. This is undoubtedly true to anyone who has experienced a proper shamanic dieta for themselves. It is important to remember that shamanic knowledge is practical knowledge. It is not based on belief; it is based on what has been tested and what works. If you really want to get the most out of your Ayahuasca experience, we recommend following the shamans’ advice.


This means avoiding the following foods and activities:

– Hot peppers or anything spicy in general

– Fermented foods

– Salt (a small amount is usually ok)

– Processed/Refined sugar

– Caffeine or any kind of stimulant

– Pork (minimum one week)

– Oil or fried foods

– Sexual energy exchange with others


In the jungle, your diet would be limited mostly to plantain, potato, yucca, rice, some chicken, and fish – we have a mainly vegetarian diet for our guests. If you are starting the diet back home, it is fine to eat a greater variety of fruit, vegetables, grains and pulses. Just keep your diet simple, natural and organic as much as possible, with minimal spices and no stimulants. Yes, it is hard for most people, but it is an excellent exercise in self-discipline, and not giving into what the ego craves. It also demonstrates to the spirit of ayahuasca that you’re taking the work seriously. Therefore, you should stick to the diet if for nothing more than showing respect for the sacred journey you are about to embark on.


You should start the diet at least 24 hours before you drink ayahuasca; however, we strongly recommend you start at least three to five days before, one to two weeks is even better. We ask that you use your common sense and please do not become neurotic about the diet – so don’t feel all is lost if you accidentally end up consuming some salt/sugar. 


You may read or hear reports from people who say the diet is unnecessary and that it makes no difference. That may be true for them. However, from the experience of our shaman, running retreats and our personal plant dietas, the majority of people who stick to the shamanic dieta as much as possible – do have deeper and more powerful ayahuasca experience.


If you’re in a position to work with ayahuasca on a long-term basis, you can always experiment with the diet and find what works best for you. However, if you’re coming to Costa Rica for what might be a once in a lifetime opportunity I highly recommend following the diet closely in order to get the most out of your experience.


As you prepare to embark on your journey with Madre Ayahuasca, the more tools in your box the better.  Before drinking the medicine you can ease your mind and body by grounding and finding peace within oneself. Just like in meditation when the mind is quiet we can receive the messages intended for us, the same goes for Ayahuasca. If we are creating to much noise the messages won't come through clearly or at all.  There are many incredible free meditation courses out there lead by incredible souls such as Luke Sellars, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Ekhart Toll.


In order to prepare ourselves for a ceremony at SoulFlyT, we will be meditating. This allows the medicine to come on faster and smoother, as mentioned previously this may also become very useful during the ceremony. After a week of meditating daily, it will become a great tool to take home and assist with integration. 

Practice Yoga

Yoga is also a great way to prepare your mind body spirit for deep healing ayahuasca retreats. In a combination of some of the things listed above, yoga is also a moving meditation, improves concentration and overall health. What is great about yoga is that it can teach you how to stay in one pose or position that is uncomfortable for an extended period of time. This is great for ceremony as should you be faced with a tough insight or inquiry you have trained yourself to be able to face this without turning away from it. This does not mean all ceremonies will be difficult but it does help you to prepare for any challenging moments that may occur. Generally, the body strength and posture improvement can help you feel more comfortable sitting in an ayahuasca ceremony for an extended period of time. 

Intention Setting

Tuning into why you are coming to do this work is an important part of the process. Perhaps you already know your intention and have been pondering working with plant medicine for several years, perhaps there is something more obvious such as addiction, physical illness, depression, anxiety etc...Perhaps there are more subtle reasons of why you want to work with plant medicine. Spend some time in quiet contemplation and journal your thoughts to process the true motivations for your healing journey. This can be a powerful process in itself.  Intentions provide a framework for you to set priorities, use your time wisely, and align yourself with the resources you need to manifest your goals. The process of setting and working towards your intentions declares to yourself, others, and the universe that you are serious about your dreams and goals.  









Create time for yourself

Begin to prepare yourself, mentally, spiritually and emotionally to spend quiet time on your own. This may just be an hour or more a day. This helps shift your mental capacity to be able to do inner work through sitting and being present with your own feelings and emotions. You give yourself the opportunity to learn through your own experiences, experientially gaining understand and wisdom from the universe. The plants will be teaching you much more about this on retreat. When you are quiet and still they are able to communicate with you more easily, therefore by practicing being OK on your own, you give yourself a greater opportunity to enjoy communication with the plants and be present with your own emotions on retreat as they arise. Emotional processes can arise in many different ways and we are here to support you and process through every step of the way. We also empower you with tools and techniques to assist in your own process of connecting to your own inner wisdom to hold yourself in unconditional love throughout any processes that come up

Have fun!

One of the best ways to prepare is to find activities that your truly enjoy and are in your highest alignment. Maybe this is painting, drawing, writing, playing an instrument, hiking, spending time with loved ones, hiking in nature or something else more extreme like sky diving! Sports and hobbies that improve your physical fitness are also great as this helps prepare your body, mind and spirit for the journey it is about to embark upon. (If you are not in a physical condition to be active this will not negatively impact your experience.) By beginning to make these interests of yours a reality this creates more space for yourself, impacts your life positively and helps you to integrate your retreat experiences more easily.. This is as you have already begun to create a support structure of things you enjoy to slide into when you return and will have already made positive impacts upon your life. This can be highly beneficial for the work with the plants as they can see you are serious about healing and making changes in your life, which can lead to deep experiences, insights and healing with the plants on retreat. 


This might sound strange as you are coming to a retreat, however it can be highly beneficial to enter the retreat well rested. Although it is retreat you will be doing a lot of work on yourself with the help of the plants. This can be pretty tiring. If you can afford the time. allow yourself a few days before the retreat to acclimatize to the jungle weather and hydrate. It can be quite taxing to experience extreme shifts in climate. Post-retreat we also advise a couple of days in Costa Rica to integrate before flying straight back life’s busy demands! This will help your transition be smother and easier. These are recommendations and if you simply are unable to take any additional time off work, then this will not negatively impact your experience.

Trust the Process

The process can begin even before you have booked your retreat, when you start to have the ideas or feeling the calling to come and do this deep work for yourself. This can be in the form of various forms of resistance or challenges that you may face before making your decision to come and do this work with us. This can be as the mental patterns emotional blockages and fears that you are wanting to heal do not want to lose their comfortable place within your being. They have been safe there for so long so the very idea of coming to do this work can bring emotional processes to the surface to talk you out of doing this healing work for yourself. Trust the process of why you have felt called to do this work. Our suggestion is to meditate and ask your heart what is the best for you, dropping out of your headspace and the thought patterns to find the truth inside. By taking the time to attend our Ayahuasca Self Mastery retreat, you are raising the vibration and cleaning the energetic debris, that hold us humans back from living our life full of passion and purpose. Thank you for trusting yourself and trusting the medicine to align you to live the life you you dream about.