Trust Each Step

Stay present for each step of your journey. We don't go from one place to another in a gigantic leap. We get there in increments, by going through each feelings, each belief, each experience one step at a time.

Sometimes we pray from miracles, what we're really praying for is help in skipping steps, for shortcuts. The simple act of acceptance, of returning to each step of our path, can often bring us the miracle we need. Then we see the truth, The real miracle is one always available to each of us; it's the miracle of acceptance. We can go where we want to go, one step at a time.

Not all sections of the road we travel are smooth, paved, easy riding. We may prefer the smooth sections of the highway, but sometimes the road get rough and the rough section can go on for miles and miles. That's okay. It doesn't mean that you have lost your way. It doesn't mean the rough section and bumpy spots will last forever. You're still on your path..

Our bodies react to the world around us - and within us - in many ways. Our bodies act like sponges - they can soak up healing energy or they can absorb and trap the negative energy of stress and tension. Some of us are so used to keeping our bodies tense and bound up we don't even notice how much they hurt, how strained and tight our muscles are.

Connect with your body. Learn to tell how tense it is.

Take a few moments throughout the day to see what hurts, what aches, what muscles are being strained. Although tension can affect the entire body, many of us have favorite places in our body to store stress, places that usually become tense, rigid, and full of aches. Necks, shoulders, lower backs are favorite traps. Become familiar with your body and where it stores stress and tension.

Then, learn to relax. Explore different options. Therapeutic massage. Self-hypnosis. Meditation. Soaking in a hot bath. Sitting in the steam room. Exercise. Visualization.

Taking time to do activities that bring you pleasure. If you make the effort to explore relaxation techniques, you will always find ways to relax that you like and can afford.

Accept each part of the journey as it comes. Let each stretch of your path be what it needs to be.

If you've been soaking up too much stress, give yourself a break. Let your body start soaking up some healing energy, too. Love yourself enough to help your body relax.

Let go of the need to prove yourself to others - to parents, people from the past, people in your life today. Could it be the one you've really been trying to prove something to is yourself?

The answer is simple: learn to approve of yourself. Love and accept yourself the way you are today. The step right up and take your place in the universe.

Gentleness, kindness, and love are more than places to visit. They are places we can take with us wherever we go.

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