Honor Your Connection to Your Body

Our Bodies are matter, the physical form we have assumed. They are infused with our energy, our soul.

My awareness of the body - mind - soul connection came slowly, over many years. I spent many years detached from this connection, denying it's importance.I felt disconnected from it, as though it were something apart from me, a burden I had to carry around and live with.

Then I began to see the connection between my emotions and the aches and pains - sometimes illness - my body was experiencing. If I didn't feel the feeling, listen to myself, my body would pound out of pain until it was heard that way.


If it is not discharged, the body will absorb and feel it as pain. I began to see the connection between changes in my life and changes in my body, the way earth marks changing seasons and cycles. Yes, I was a soul, Yes, I had a heart. Emotions. Thought. But to live on the physical plane of earth, we need a body. Our body is a part of us. It is us. It holds the scars of our life to date, the stories of our life so far; it contains the wisdom and energy of what we need today and tomorrow. Feed your body well, drink water and only give it what it needs.

Honor your connection to your body.

Honor and value your bodies wisdom.

It can tell you many things about your life, your growth, your past, and your path.

Learn to listen to your body, and it will speak openly and lovingly to you.

From the heart of Costa Rica

we at SoulFlyT welcome you home.


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