The Spiritual Experience Is You

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

" When I look at people now, I don't see issues." he said. " I see souls."

The man said he had a spiritual experience. Actually, he said he had four. He didn't go to the mountains, or the ocean, or the desert to have them. He had his four spiritual experiences in the same place - on a mattress, dressed in sweat pants. The mattress filled with light. I filled with light. My heart just opened up and I forgave everyone I was resenting.

We don't have to search for spiritual experiences. We are the spiritual experience - a spiritual being having a human life.

Look at the people around you. Now look again and see souls. See them having many kinds of spiritual experiences in the form of human life. Delight in Yourself. Stop picking on yourself, worrying if you're good enough, wondering what people will see if you let them see your heart. Be yourself and accept yourself- warts, waistline, and all. You don't have to sit up that straight, be that proper, or fear what others may see. Let your imperfections show! Share them! Love yourself anyway! Relax, and be who you are! When you do that, your life will be fun and a joyful gift to others.


People who comfortably accept who they are- both their flaws and their good points- are healing, delightful, and fun to be around. Look at any work of nature: a canyon, a flower, a bird, a mountain or a forest trail. Where does the perfection begin and imperfection end? It's the combination that makes a perfect scene.

So it is with you, Relax. Lighten up, Let go of shame and fear.

The whole picture is perfect, and perfectly ok.

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