Joanna the Medium 

Ayahuasca Integration

" Never ask for permission

to be powerful"

Having a remarkable psychic gift since birth, Joanna is one of the most talented intuitive and Mediums on the planet today. In terms of her accuracy, skills, knowledge and speed ,she has been commonly compared to some very well known psychics and mediums today.

But what makes Joanna wildly different from all the rest is that she brings to the table a lifetime of powerful healing experiences, too — both personally and professionally, which delivers not only profound ACCURACY, but profound RESULTS.

Joanna has a deep understanding of how the Universe works, and how dreams are created. So like a human X-Ray Machine, she instantly (and compassionately) sees right to the root of your biggest obstacles and challenges — and with laser-like accuracy, helps you remove those hidden blocks preventing you from reaching your greatest goals.

Her life’s mission: to champion people from all walks of life to move past limitations – and step boldly back into their natural birthright of: joy, success, love, creativity and POWER!

Joanna works mostly with dedicated Spiritual Seekers from all around the world — delivering profound insights, spiritual truths, specific guidance and channeled messages that dramatically transform people’s lives… from the inside, out.

So whether you’re a top CEO, celebrity, entrepreneur, healer, single mom or young professional — anyone eager to feel more empowered, successful, excited or transformed will experience something truly life-changing during your time with Joanna.


Essentially energy healing is the conscious act of connecting to and directing Universal Energy/Life Force and it’s highest expression is the frequency of unconditional love.
Such energy is extremely high in vibration/frequency and it acts as a “clearing agent” that supports energetic flow.

In other words, energy healing used with intention aims to assist in bringing balance to a person, place or situation, it assists in bridging of polarities.

This high frequency “untangles” or “unblocks” stuck energy which expresses itself as a limitation/s. These limitations are expressed in any or all of the following ways: Imbalances in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

All human beings have the ability to heal naturally, not all, however, are aware of it or believe in it’s power to heal. This un-awareness and dis-belief has it’s roots in many places and all comes down to one’s conditioning.  Some individuals have chosen to express this ability in this physical life and are, therefore able to offer it to those who need it.

Belief in such ability is not mandatory, however,  in order to practice giving or receiving healing, one’s openness greatly enhances the the process.  Openness allows the energy to flow more fully, whereas not being open limits this flow.

Think of it as a pipe through which water flows, clogged pipe limits the flow of water, clear pipe allows for greater flow. The energy does not “care” whether you believe in it or not, but you will experience LESS PROOF if your door to openness is closed.

Some benefits of energy healing include:

  • deeper sense of peace and calm

  • shift in dynamic in relationships (people or situations)

  • enhanced creativity flow and problem solving

  • rise in one’s own frequency (eg. elevated mood)

  • enhanced levels of awareness

  • accelerated personal and/or spiritual growth

  • emotional release and healing

  • enhanced ability to perceive beyond the 5 human senses

  • enhanced feeling of being grounded

  • pain relief or reduction (especially with regards to chronic pain, transformation of relationship to pain)

  • greater ability to manage stress (stressful situations become easier)

  • improvement in one’s immune system (greater resistance to illness and ability to heal faster from sickness and injury)

  • ability to more deeply relax and all the benefits (physical, psychological and emotional) that come with being a more relaxed being

  • and many more……

We are ALL frequency/energy, our current human physical body existence is of denser or lower vibration, which makes it appear as solid matter, this does that not mean, however, that we do not have access to this Life Force while in the physical 3rd dimensional body.  We ALL possess the ability to heal!

*Please visit the HOMEPAGE or FAQ SECTION to read more about Joanna’s work, what you can expect, how she receives messages, common concerns, and lots of other fascinating intuitive facts!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This service is performed remotely, you are not attending the session.  Joanna will tune into your energy and work on concerns indicated on the booking form.  You will be notified via email once the healing has been completed, including any additional information that come through during the healing session.

What is Energy Healing?