Plant Medicine integration


When we tap into altered states of consciousness that are drastically different from our everyday consciousness, it can take time to implement and embody the teachings we receive from our plant teachers.

Integrating your plant medicine experiences builds a solid foundation for your future plant medicine journeys so that you can continue to experience exponential growth.

Meditation is the foundation to help bridge the gap between different states of consciousness.

1) Give yourself time

You should realize by now that life after ayahuasca can be quite a challenge for some people, at least initially. Ayahuasca can suddenly make you the square peg to ‘normal’ life’s round hole (if you didn’t feel that way already).

You cannot simply go back to how you once were, so accept that you may feel a little disorientated and confused when you get back home.

 It may take some time to integrate your new pathways and discoveries.

If you have the luxury of time then we strongly advise that after your retreat you do not immediately fly home and go straight back to work within 3 days, particularly if you have a stressful job, addictions, health or family distress.

Try to give yourself at least a week to relax and integrate your experience, practice daily meditation, yoga and journaling, then get back into your routines in a slow and mindful way.

We offer a secluded, modern safe sanctuary retreat home to book for any post retreat persons, looking to unwind and connect deeper.

Beach at Sunset

2) Start a Daily Spiritual Practice

After experiencing several ayahuasca ceremonies, most people report feeling a deeper connection with God (or source, spirit, oneness – whatever you wish to call it). In fact, for many people ayahuasca is their first genuine experience of the divine. With an expanded consciousness, many people report feeling a profound sense of peace, indescribable bliss and a deep love and empathy for all life.

Sadly, these incredibly positive feelings do not last forever and they can begin to fade quite fast – unless you consistently nurture them. So, how do you do that?

The most sure-fire way is to develop a daily spiritual connection practice. I cannot tell you what this is for you exactly, because it can be different for each person and you need to figure out what works for you. It essentially entails finding a practice that helps you feel more connected to a benevolent divine presence, or just the wonder and energy of life.

A few ideas that might help you do this include:

– Meditation / Yoga
– Mantras
– Tai Chi or Martial Arts
– Dance, Reiki
– Prayer
– Drumming
– Being in nature, walking
– Gardening
– Watching a sunset
– Listening to a beautiful piece of music
– Reading or writing poetry, or journaling
– Playing with your children, or spending quality time with a loved one.

All of these things and much more can be gateways to the divine, but they will not all work for everyone. Experiment with different practices and find out what works best for you. They can certainly connect you to the gentle, benevolent frequency of source energy.

When you have found what works for you, then my suggestion is that you do that thing every single day, or as often as you can. Probably the best time for most people is first thing in the morning because otherwise we tend to get distracted by the events of the day. So set aside time every day to connect with the divine and make that time sacred. 

Meditation Hand Gesture
Botanical Garden

3) Be mindful of what you eat

I’m sure you understand that eating a healthy diet is physically beneficial for your body. However, did you know that the foods you eat can also have quite a profound effect on your moods, your concentration, and your mental & emotional health?

Eating junk food puts many toxins in your body and leaves you feeling lethargic and crappy much of the time. If you’ve gone through a few heavy ayahuasca purges then you will have eliminated many of these toxins from your body, but do you want to put them straight back in again?

If you want to stay feeling positive – on all levels of your being, then it’s important to eat healthy foods. And by healthy foods, I refer to unprocessed foods that are locally sourced (when possible), fresh, natural and ideally organic (including meat).

Take a good look at your diet. If most of what you eat is unnatural, processed food then begin taking steps to change that as soon as you can.

You Are What Energy You Eat

Every time you eat a piece of food, you absorb that food's energy into your body. The quality of that energy has a direct impact on the quality of your overall health and vibration level. If you eat junk food that has been processed with added chemicals, your body won't get much nutrition and your energy vibration level will decline. But if you eat healthy food that is natural and unprocessed—food in the state that God created it—your body will receive the nutrients it needs and your energy vibration level will rise.

Eating a high-vibration diet and drinking high-vibration water will purify your body so that it works in harmony with your mind and spirit as God designed it to do. The electrical circuits in your brain (and all the other parts of your body that rely on electrical currents, such as your heart and your nervous system) will function well, promoting good health and allowing you to think clearly. Being able to concentrate and vibrate at a higher frequency will help you better tune into and understand the messages that angels send you when you pray or meditate.

Processed Foods and Beverages Have Lost Beneficial Energy

Certain foods and drinks have been processed so much that they've lost most of their natural energy and therefore have low vibrations. These include fried foods, white bread and rice, canned foods, processed meat, processed dairy products like cheese, pickles, canola oil, sodas, and alcohol. Try as much as possible to avoid these types of foods and beverages, which can't give you the nutrients and energy your body needs for optimal health. Instead, replace them with healthier, high-vibration foods and pure, minimally processed water. It's wise to buy organic foods whenever possible since they are free of added chemicals.

Healthy Salad
Healthy Breakfast

4) Choose your friends carefully

As they say, you cannot choose your family but you CAN choose your friends. I think that is important to remember.

Unfortunately, there are many deeply negative, even toxic people in this world and perhaps some of these people are your friends right now. Now, of course, we need to stay compassionate towards these people and understand that their negativity is almost certainly the result of many unhappy events or traumas in their lives that they have not healed from.

We may also desire to try and help or ‘rescue’ these lost souls, but that is almost always a lost cause. You can never help people until they are truly committed to helping themselves. That’s a painful lesson for many of us to learn.

Regularly socializing with negative people is usually going to result in you feeling unhappy, stressed and low on energy, and so I recommend reducing these types of social interactions to an absolute minimum.

A useful exercise that I recommend is to write down a list of all the people you socialize with on a regular or semi-regular basis. Then next to each name, write a few words about how you usually feel after interacting with each person. Do you usually feel happy, inspired and uplifted by that person? Or, do you generally feel unhappy, stressed or completely drained?

My advice is to spend a lot more time with the people who uplift and inspire you and a lot less time with the people who drain you!

After doing this exercise, you may realize that what you really need are some new friends! Unless you live in a small town out in the middle of nowhere, then this should not be as difficult as you imagine. However, you might just have to step outside your comfort zone a little and start meeting new people.

Look for events in your local area that will attract like-minded people. This could include lectures, workshops, conferences, meditation/yoga groups, or even local retreats. If you have a local new-age bookstore or conscious cafe (i.e. organic/veggie/vegan/juice bar, etc.) there are often notice boards advertising events, classes, and workshops. Also, make a point just to hang out at those places because you will find that you will often meet interesting like-minded people just by being there.

Also, check out websites such as, and to find events or groups of like-minded people. There is often more going on than you think, and you can always find opportunities to make new connections, but sometimes you have to put in a little effort into finding them.

Finally, keep in regular contact with the people on your retreat. Many of the groups I have worked with have set up private discussion groups on Facebook where they can keep on sharing and supporting each other long after the retreat ends.

Group of Friends
Group Picture

5) Change your job/career

How do you currently feel about your job/career/business? Do you enjoy doing it? Does it inspire you? Or, do you do it for no other reason than the paycheck and security it provides?

Most people will spend approximately one-third of their adult lives at work. That is a serious chunk of your life. If what you do does not inspire you in any way, if you don’t enjoy it, and if it usually feels like a chore then you’re going to be miserable and stressed out for the rest of your life.

After experiencing ayahuasca, most people feel deeply inspired to live a life of purpose particularly relating to how they make a living.

Now I certainly do not recommend that you go home and immediately quit an unfulfilling job or career. We all need to eat and pay the bills and it is perhaps not realistic to think you can leave your job and immediately find something new that inspires you.

However, I recommend making it a priority in your life to find something you love doing that will also pay the bills – even if it takes you a few years to get there!

You might need to take some risks, you might even fail a few times – most self-made millionaires have been bankrupt at least once in their lives! In fact, most people who are successful at anything will tell you that they failed several times before they achieved their success. Accept that failure and rejection are often part of the journey to succeeding and living the life of your dreams, so embrace it and don’t fear it. Stay committed to achieving your dreams and never give up.

If you continually play safe, then you’re likely condemning yourself to a lifetime of drudgery and feeling uninspired!

Notepad on Desk

6) Consider Relocating

Do you feel like you have completely outgrown the place where you live? Do you feel you have exhausted the opportunities to meet new people and/or find a more inspiring way of making a living?

Perhaps you need to move on. There is a whole world out there for you to explore and experience. Don’t be afraid of it!

Most people spend their entire lives living in the town or city where they were born. That is not necessarily a bad thing, particularly if the place and people consistently inspire you. However, many people stay simply because of fear or misplaced loyalties.

Moving to a new location will almost certainly take you out of your comfort zone, but in my opinion, that is a good thing. One of my favorite quotes that I continually remind myself of is “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Personally, I think that everyone should spend at least some part of his or her life living in a new location and ideally part of a different culture – because the amount of growth that you experience is tremendous and usually life changing.

Many people thought I was crazy when I made a sudden decision to leave everything and move to Peru. However, it turned into the greatest experience and greatest adventure of my life – and it’s still ongoing.

I’m sure moving to this part of the world is a little extreme for most people and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. However, I do recommend that everyone travel as often as they can afford. Whether that be within your own country or abroad and I’m confident that at some new place your soul will whisper, ‘this is home’.

Planning Travels

7) Regularly Spend Time in Nature

After ayahuasca, most people report feeling a much deeper connection with nature. Rarely do people have such an intense and prolonged exposure to nature without the distractions of phones, television, and the internet. While submerging fully into meditation, breath-work, yoga and daily integration.

You will soon realize, possibly for the first time, that being surrounded by nature is linked to improved attention spans, increased levels of serotonin (the neurotransmitter that makes you feel good). It also increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability and love.

  • Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells.

  • Reduced blood pressure
    • Reduced stress
    • Improved mood
    • Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
    • Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
    • Increased energy level
    • Improved sleep

• Deeper and clearer intuition
• Increased flow of energy
• Increased capacity to communicate with the land and its species
• Increased flow of eros/life force
• Deepening of friendships
• Overall increase in sense of happiness

Stay connected with nature – surround yourself with nature at least once per week if you can. This should be possible wherever you live. Even if you live in the middle of a big city, there should be parks you can visit. Anywhere where there are trees and flowers and plants will do, but if you can get out into the wilderness then even better! Just do it!

8) Keep learning & Stay Inspired

Ayahuasca is known as a plant teacher for a good reason. This incredible medicine really does have endless wisdom and can continually provide us with lessons and inspiration.

Ultimately, all answers are within ourselves and so it’s important we don’t become dependent on only using ayahuasca as a teacher. It is important we learn to be our own teachers and that we connect with our own innate wisdom. Find your ‘guru’ within.

If at first you have trouble accessing your own wisdom then make it a daily practice to read the wisdom of others until you integrate it within your own being and it becomes yours.

Keep reading books that challenge you, that cause you to think and question everything, or that just provide gentle reminders to your soul.

Write in your journal any visions through illustrations and any of the thoughts or passages that came up during your retreat or after.

Coffee in Nature

9) Live with love and gratitude in your heart

Love is all that matters. Life is incredible and truly a gift. Live with peace, love and gratitude.”

It really is that simple. Unfortunately, our mind likes to disagree with that and insist it’s far more complicated. Your mind can easily find a thousand different problems with everything and provide you with unlimited reasons for why you should be unhappy and ungrateful.

Being conscious of how negative your mind can be, and overcoming the constant negativity, can take a lot of work. It is perhaps the most important work you will ever do if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Make some time every single day to focus on gratitude and what you appreciate about your life. You undoubtedly have many blessings in your life, comforts and things you can be truly thankful for. If you focus on gratitude, you will feel better.

People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they’re thankful for experience more positive emotions. They feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems.