Real Life Experiences

There is no better way to fully understand what Plant Medicine can do for you than to listen and read stories of people that have previously experienced them. #thankyouplantmedicine is doing amazing work at removing the stigma around these medicines. We are very grateful to be able to share their stories and work with all of you looking to start on or continue your journey with Plant Medicine. 

Follow the link below to the #thankyouplantmedicine website and further your research on the subject. Do keep in mind that all of our experiences are different and one must lose expectations of what you think may happen or is possible.


This is the time to stretch your belief systems and TRUST.

Gratitude and a Deeper Appreciation of Life


One of the greatest gifts from Ayahuasca is a deeper appreciation and gratitude for life. The connection that Ayahuasca awakens one to is that of deep appreciation of nature, life, the universe and how it’s all interconnected.



Experience Higher Levels of Consciousness

One of the great benefits of drinking Ayahuasca is the expanded awareness of higher consciousness you may experience during the ceremony. This can be called the Astral plane or the ‘spirit world.’ It is where we exist after physical death, where our friends, parents and grandparents etc. are in waiting. It is the school where we learn the truth of what we are without the limitations of being in physical form.  An Ayahuasca ceremony is often referred to as "The school of life" or the "University of the Universe". From here we decide to either go around again (be reborn with new learning objectives) or learn to ascend into the Fifth Dimension. Being on this third level means we have not graduated to higher vibrations of reality. Ayahuasca helps us connect Fourth Level Consciousness and helps us understand more about the nature of reality and our part in it by helping us understand our true selves and, subject to many factors, ascend to the fifth next time around.



Enhanced Creativity


Many creative people (or even people who didn’t previously consider themselves creative) have found their creativity to be greatly enhanced after experiencing Ayahuasca. Often musicians write better music, artists paint better, and writers write better. If you feel that somewhere deep inside you Is a creative spark that needs re-igniting you will probably find that Ayahuasca will help with that. 



Finding Purpose In Life

A common reason for people to attend Ayahuasca retreats is to find their purpose or a new direction in life. As people begin the process of awakening they often start to feel very unfilled with their current jobs and careers, yet still feel they don’t know what they actually want to do with their lives. Most spiritually aware people feel it’s very important to have purpose and meaning in their lives. Ayahuasca seems to help many people get clarity about their life purpose. It is extremely common to see people make radical changes in their lives after they’ve experienced plant medicines. Quite often people finally leave careers or jobs they’ve always disliked because suddenly they become crystal clear about what they need to do to create more joy and meaning in their lives.



Overcoming Fear


Virtually everybody is plagued by fear to some extent. Some forms of fear can be healthy but other types are hugely detrimental to our lives and the process of becoming all that we can be. Whether we like it or not, fear plays a huge, and usually very controlling, role in our lives. Ayahuasca is not a magic pill for overcoming all our fears but it can certainly help to ease them and make them less of an obstacle. People who suffer from anxiety often see huge reductions in the amount of anxiety they feel after drinking Ayahuasca. At its root, virtually all fear is ultimately fear of the unknown. We never fear what we know and understand intimately. Drinking Ayahuasca is basically plunging deep into the unknown and it helps you befriend and feel comfortable with the unknown.


Freedom From Conditioning


We are all products of our conditioning to some extent. Some of the many things that condition us to varying degrees include our family, friends, education, religion, news media and even entertainment. These can all have a powerful influence on the type of people we grow up to be. In many ways, our conditioning is what molds our entire perception of reality. Some forms of conditioning can be positive but others can have deeply negative effects on our psyche. Overcoming negative conditioning is a huge challenge for many people, who often aren’t even aware it’s a problem. Ayahuasca often allows us to see how we’ve been conditioned, particularly the aspects of our conditioning that are harmful to our spiritual growth. Only through greater self-knowledge and awareness can we then start to break the chains of conditioning that are holding us back from being all we can truly be.



Is Ayahuasca Miracle Medicine?


While there’s no doubt that Ayahuasca can have seemingly miraculous effects on some people, it’s important to stress that Ayahuasca is definitely not a panacea or miracle cure-all. Not everybody gets healed by Ayahuasca, and not everybody gets exactly what they want. If you decide to work with Ayahuasca then it’s essential that you keep your wants and your expectations to an absolute minimum. People with high expectations often do not find what they are looking for. Sometimes our challenges and illnesses are there to serve a powerful lesson in our lives and in order to cure the illness we have to understand the lesson first. Ayahuasca will not get in the way of our most important lessons, or allow us to cheat! She may provide many hints and clues, but sometimes it’s necessary to figure out the lesson for ourselves.