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Connecting the western world to their dreams through Sacred Plant Medicine, Meditation, Yoga, Breath-work and most importantly Integrating your experience. 


We are born whole and as we go through life we forget that we are perfectly made and perfectly unique. Deep down we all know who we truly are. We are born knowing our authentic selves. If we allow our ego (emotions), our false self, to rule our minds and never get quiet then we lose connection to our soul, the connection to our divine purpose.


Have you found that you are repeating a cycle of relationship patterns, whether at home, with friends or in the workplace? These cycles are created by a situation or trauma at some point in our life. This situation will have caused an emotion, but rather than feel the emotion learn from it and then let it go, we hold on. It is until we deal with this emotion and truly let it go, the pattern will continue. 


Oftentimes we project our insecurities onto others and then run from the situation thinking we have "fixed" the "problem" only to find ourselves in the same situation with new faces.


Resentment, Criticism, Guilt and Fear cause more "sickness" than anything else.

Resentment that is long-held can eat away at the body and become the disease we call cancer.

Criticism as a permanent habit can often lead to suppression of the immune system.

Guilt always looks for punishment, and punishment creates pain, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Fear, and the tension it produces, can create things like baldness, ulcers, memory loss and even heart attacks..


Addiction is a heavy dependence upon anything outside of oneself. This can appear in the form of drugs (prescription or recreational), alcohol, sex, tobacco. One can also be addicted to illness, debt, "buying" happiness, being a victim, being rejected, judging others, blaming others, etc.

Being a victim is giving up your power to a substance or habit. We always have the choice to take our power back, that is if we TRULY want to. Many feel that it is easier to continue playing the victim.




 Most everyone can relate to one or all 3 of the situations listed above. As you can see the root of all problems start with an experience we perceive as "traumatic", this "traumatic" experience creates an emotion. At this point, we should feel the emotion, accept what it has shown us and let it go. It's the letting go that seems to be the difficult step, instead, we look to blame others for our experiences. The fact that you are reading this means that you have started to understand that something isn't quite right and its time to do something about it.


Our life purpose is to love and be loved, to have the ability to recognize the warning signs when we are off track. Most importantly have the skills required to deal with difficult emotions when they surface. Traumatic situations we experience in our life are intended to be lessons that assist us in growing stronger consciously. It is not possible to fully resolve our problems or issues in life unless we search within and find the point where they started. Often times these experiences occur at a very young age and they have been blocked from our memory. 



STEP 1:  Take ownership and fully accept, without judgment, the person you are today

STEP 2:  Commit to yourself and make time for the inner work required

STEP 3:  Book your 6-Day Self Mastery Retreat with SoulFlyT

We are here to guide you on your path to Self Mastery, through Plant Medicine, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork and most importantly integrating your experience throughout entire Self Mastery Retreat.

Our Curendaras are extremely well respected and properly trained.

They have dedicated their lives to guide you on this path and are continuously improving themselves through regular dietas led by Indigenous Master Shaman. All of our SoulFlyt team has been handpicked for their ability to hold an extremely safe, loving container for you to work within throughout the entire retreat, day and night. 


Learn how to recognize the signs that are guiding you on your journey and use your newly learned skills to overcome any obstacle that may surface. Have the ability to calmly assess any situation and consider all angles before reacting. Recognize the areas in your life that need work so that you can continue raising your vibration and manifesting your desires. As your vibration increases magnetic attraction will attract like people into your life journey. Doors will open and new, exciting opportunities will be abundant. 

June 22-27th

6-Day All-Inclusive

Self Mastery Retreat

3 Peruvian Ayahuasca Ceremonies

1 Cacao Ceremony on Catamaran with live music

5 Breath-work classes

5 Meditation classes

5 Yoga classes

Kambo - Sananga ceremony  ( optional )

Sacred Rapé Rituals

Daily Integration 

16 Farm Fresh to table meals

Ecstatic dance celebration

Massage and spa ( additional cost )

Gardens and pool

Transportation from Tamarindo

Transportation from Liberia ( additional cost )


What life will look like after a SoulFlyT Self Mastery Retreat? 

-clear understanding and ability to work with your emotions

-clear connection to oneself which in turn becomes the reflection of your outer world

-self-love which in turn reflects onto loving others

-ability to conquer life's challenges

-physical and mental healing, all ailments are healed from the inside out

-gratitude towards life and everything it has to offer

-community and life long support

Or continue down the path of:

-prolonged dis-ease

-destructive cycles

-confusion of purpose

-disconnection to your higher self

-unhealthy life choices

-a lack of skills to navigate through life purposefully

-prolonged physical and mental ailments

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“I have had the utmost privilege and pleasure of being in ceremony with Anke Evore and Marie Lou Evore...they are the REAL DEAL! The space they hold is super clean and ideal for doing deep work, they work with integrity and carry an immense amount of Wisdom, they quite simply are beautiful people and Souls. Brody Ritz comes from compassion and love and has a genuine interest in assisting people to be the best version of themselves. If you feel being with the medicine is for you this is a great place to start and/or deepen your path. I highly recommend working with these amazing facilitators "

Luke Sellars / Master Teacher / Mentor

“The Curenderas here are absolutely amazing. The space is held very sacredly, and I felt absolutely safe. Special shout out to Brody, who held my hand, held tissues for me and helped me to integrate. If you're being called to the medicine, DO IT, it's infinitely amazing."

Michele Dixon / Guest 


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